Walk-In Baths: Empowering Arizona Homeowners to Relax More & Stress Less

Many homeowners with limited mobility, whether elderly or not, look at a bathtub and see one thing: an obstacle. Instead of a relaxing way to unwind from the day, taking a bath becomes just another thing you can’t do. At Kohler by Baths for Less, we’ve made it our mission to combat this issue by providing walk-in baths for Arizona homeowners with mobility issues. Enjoy the safety, convenience, and luxury that a KOHLER® walk-in bath can offer!

The Many Benefits of a Walk-In Bath

We’ve designed our walk-in tubs for one main purpose: ease of accessibility. Conveniently placed and customizable handrails make getting in and out of the tub a cinch, regardless of your mobility or balance issue. Once inside, the built-in seat makes it easy to kick back and relax, and the detachable faucet will help you wash hard-to-reach areas with minimal movement.

Even More Features

Unlike many walk-in baths with only accessibility in mind, KOHLER® walk-in tubs come with all the bells and whistles. Choose from heated surfaces, built-in speakers, and hydrotherapy jets to set the mood and bathe in luxury.

Ironclad Warranty Protection

Partnering with Kohler by Baths for Less is a great idea. Why? Because KOHLER® products come with a comprehensive material warranty that’ll allow you to rest easy knowing your investment is protected. We’ll also ensure your walk-in tub is installed with precision, thanks to our team of experienced installers.

Want to learn more about how KOHLER® walk-in baths can benefit mobility-impaired individuals? Contact Kohler by Baths for Less today to schedule a free consultation at your Arizona home.

“The workmen were very friendly and knew what they were doing. We are enjoying our new walk in tub. Ensuring safety in our home is priceless.”

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