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Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Tub

Designed for the individual with limited mobility in mind, these walk-in tubs give you a full therapeutic and safe experience. Choose from many different walk-in tub styles to accommodate even the smallest bathroom. Our walk-in tubs take safety to the next level. Let the worry of bad slips and falls become a thing of the past. Bathe in comfort and solitude, knowing limited mobility will not affect your independence.

There are unlimited options of accessories available with our tubs. When using your walk in tub you will have a luxury bath in the safest tub within the industry. Our designers will be able to find the perfect tub and door swing to alleviate your mobility and safety issues. All Baths for Less walk-in tubs allow you the comfort you have been waiting for and deserve. Walk-in tubs require the water to be drained before exit and filled while sitting within the tub. You can be assured our walk-in tubs have quick and easy draining for fast water removal, and quick fill technology. There is no need to become cold throughout your daily bath.

Safety Tubs

All of our tubs are energy efficient requiring no upgrades to your hot water system for proper installation. The low threshold of our doors make the step into and out of the tub effortless and secure. Not only will you have the safest tub on the market, but there are also multiple therapies you can choose from to enhance your bathing experience. Air therapy is the most common luxury used in the walk in industry. Multiple jet ports will rush air around your body opening up your blood vessels. Improved circulation and arthritic relief will have you feeling less aches and pains every day. We also offer a water massage therapy if you want to get rid of those deep tissue muscle aches. Chroma therapy and Aromatherapy give you a deep relaxation that you have always dreamed about. All of these tubs can be organized in to one of two categories: the in swing tub, and the out swing tub.

The out swing door walk in tub is becoming the most popular tub we offer. The out swing is the safest possible solution in any bathroom. The swinging door has an integrated grab bar providing a firm hold point. The bar offers safety and comfort while standing outside the bath. This bar provides great assistance for those customers utilizing wheelchairs. The outswing door is manufactured with cutting edge technology to ensure the door and seal will never leak. This seal is fully covered by a lifetime warranty. The door opens and closes with a simple lever system that requires little effort to operate. Once inside the tub you no longer have to step around a door to get into a seated position. This open area concept is important while getting out of the tub. You don’t have to uncomfortably reposition and put yourself in danger to get out of your tub.

The in swing door walk in tub has been the staple of the industry for years. A comfortable bath that meets all ADA requirements to ensure a very safe bathing solution. The in swing door is the most common door used in assisted living facilities and hospitals around the nation. A durable locking system and lifetime warrantied door seal will allow you to bathe in comfort knowing water will never escape the tub. These tubs are the most versatile tubs in the industry. They can be installed in any size bathroom or location. Entering and exiting the tub is often the most dangerous time in your bathroom. There a multiple grab bars that are standard on all of our walk in tubs. These bars will give you comfort and stability every time you enter or exit your tub.