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Walk-In Showers

Walk-In Shower

The most popular trend inside the bathroom today is to take out your old bathtub and replace it with a beautiful walk-in shower. Whether you are looking for convenience or safety the walk-in shower is always a wonderful experience. One of the fastest growing trends in Northeastern Wisconsin is aging in the home. One of the first areas most people like yourself address, is their bathroom. This is because the bathroom is by far the most dangerous room in the home. The experts at Baths for Less in Kaukauna, Wisconsin are all educated and trained in identifying if a tub to shower conversion is the answer you have been looking for.

Walk-In Shower

Your Safety Comes First

Shower accessibility is made safe and easy with our ADA compliant shower pans. All of our pans come equipped with a non-slip surface ensuring great stability every time you get in and out of your new walk-in shower. The non-slip surface is textured into the shower base during our manufacturing process. This solid texturing can never wear off and is completely covered by our lifetime warranty. You no longer need to have a shower door to retain water in your low threshold shower pan. All of our new pans come with anti-drip technology that will keep all your water within the pan even when using a curtain.

If you prefer the looks of a shower door we offer a full line of shower doors as well. We have shower pans for every type of family. If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, then the barrier free shower pan is a perfect solution. All barrier free shower pans come with a center drain and our patented quick drain technology. Conveniently placed grab bars only enhance the safety of any shower system. All of our bars are ADA approved and can be located in areas that make exiting and entering your shower very comfortable.

Getting in and out of the shower is not the only time that safety and convenience are a concern. Once in your new shower, Baths for Less has a multitude of options to assist you. The seated shower will let you sit back and relax while enjoying your daily shower.

We offer multiple seating options including the molded seated shower, corner seated shower, and bench seated shower. The molded seated shower is the most traditional style that has been providing a safe bathing solution for over twenty years. The molded seat gives you plenty of room while providing a very stable platform to enjoy a warm shower. The corner seated shower is a perfect solution for those who want to maximize their space, and still have the option of sitting. The corner seat combines a nice wide platform along with stable framing that can hold any size person. The bench seated shower is your best solution for a safe bathing experience. The bench seat uses a steel frame completely encased in acrylic to allow stability while holding up to 1500 pounds. The bench seat combines a stable and level sitting platform with angled framing. The angled framing allows you to get your legs underneath you while standing up out of the seat. This extra leg support ensures great balance and maneuverability.