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Here at Baths for Less, we pride ourselves on having the tubs and liners to fit your body and life like a glove. Whether you are seeking a simple update to the color and style of your current tub, or you’re looking to indulge in the calming hydrotherapy from a jetted tub, we have the bath tub to accommodate you at the reasonable cost you’ve been waiting for. For those of you who prefer a very relaxing experience, we invite you to explore our many bathing options to accommodate you. Regardless of age or lifestyle, your new tub from Baths for Less awaits you!

New tubs and tub liners


For those of you that are simply aiming to give the wet area of your bathroom a dramatic or subtle facelift, a liner is the perfect cost-effective solution. We have served plenty of people liner systems to cover up their light blue or salmon colored tubs. If your tub is in great working order, with no leaks, a liner system may be the perfect idea for brightening up and enlivening your bathroom. Exacting measurements, along with precise pictures, ensure you that your liner system will fit perfectly over your existing tub. If you are looking for a long hot bath after spending a day out in the cold Wisconsin weather a new insulated bathtub is the ultimate solution. Your new tub can come in all different sizes and depths. Formed front skirts will add dynamic look to your new tub. The high density foam guarantees that your tub will not be cold on your feet in the morning, and your tub water will stay hot during that evening bath.

Stress less during the holidays. Hosting parties will give you the opportunity to show off your brilliant new bathroom, rather than hide an outdated bathtub behind that shower curtain.

Soaking Tubs

Enjoy the comfort and relaxation in your new luxurious soaker tub. Submerse yourself in your soaker tub after those stressful days spent tirelessly awaiting this quiet, relaxing time. These soakers are also great for making bath time fun again for the kids. Water overflow and splashes will become a thing of the past. Well placed arm rests allow you to fall into a deep sense of relaxation during that evening bath. Our soakers ensure simplicity for your lifestyle. They are uncomplicated yet comfortable. Add some bath salts or your favorite bubble bath and indulge as you pamper yourself after the hustle and bustle of the day. Enjoy lounging.

Jetted tubs

The jetted air massage therapy tub is the ultimate tool for muscle relaxation, and stress relief. With easy touch sensor technology all of your therapy options are right at your fingertips. The all air injection system allows you to have the whirlpool effect without compromising the cleanliness of your tub. Multiple settings of jet velocity will customize your bathing experience. There are no large metal fittings or recessed jets in our air therapy tubs that can be a nightmare to clean. For a long time you had to compromise cleanliness to have a luxury spa in your home. You can be worry free as our air therapy tubs are as easy to maintain and clean. Both the shell and the pump system of the tub are covered by industry leading warranties.