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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

An easy access shower enclosure can be installed in just one day with Baths for Less. Our shower enclosures have different threshold heights to give the most convenient entry for the customer. All of our shower enclosures utilize a thick synthetic sheeting over a high density base. This allows the pan to sit right on top of the subfloor, ensuring it will never crack or fail. You can select from a side drain, center drain, or French drain shower pan. The enclosures can be made to fit where there once was a bathtub or small shower. If you want to make a much larger enclosure or true walk in shower, our bases offer us the flexibility necessary to do so. Our enclosures are defined by three categories: standard series, easy step series, and the barrier-free enclosure.

The standard series enclosure utilizes a four inch lip that is very easy and convenient for anyone to step into. The standard enclosure along with all of our bases use a high density foam. This enclosure can be made to fit the largest of areas, or small enough to tuck into a corner. The standard enclosure comes either side drain or center drain oriented. Our special designed pan uses a raised front ledge which allows you to use either a curtain or door without having to worry about water spilling onto the floor. Our standard series pans can also be combined with a molded seat. The molded seat is a conveniently large sitting platform integrated right into the pan.

Walk In Showers

The easy step series utilizes a few different threshold types. The most common option is the easy step shower which has a two inch threshold, making entry very easy for most. The easy step shower can be combined with a convenient ramp to make entry even simpler. Darin channels are molded into the pan allowing water to whisk away at a very rapid rate even with the low threshold.

Our second type of easy step shower is the French drain pan. The French drain enclosure comes with a center drain that extends out to the front of the enclosure and across the threshold. This technological advance in draining gives the freedom of a low entry shower enclosure without the need of doors. Doors can be added to this enclosure if desired. Seating options are available for both easy step shower types. The bench seat and corner seat allow you to get a sturdy base under you and can be added the day of the installation.

If mobility is a challenge, then the barrier-free shower enclosure is perfect for you. This enclosure is also called the zero entry enclosure because of its ease of use. This enclosure is perfect for people who are currently using a wheelchair or are planning for the future. The barrier free enclosure is typically equipped with a center drain. The front threshold of the shower will sit less than three quarters of an inch off of your floor. To retain water, a lifetime gasket is placed on the front of the pan. This gasket can be stepped on or rolled over and will always return to its original shape. The gasket blocks all water from leaving the pan, making sure you are safe to exit the shower without worry of a slippery floor. The barrier-free enclosure can be equipped with both the bench and corner seat as well.

All the Finishing Touches

Your enclosure can look beautiful by adding finishing touches. There are a variety of wall colors, fixture types, and accessories to choose from. Many of customers love our handheld shower unit in their shower enclosure. The handheld comes with a sliding bar, four in one spray, and five foot hose. If you enjoy a wide spray or funnel spray shower head, we have that too. Some people enjoy relaxing under one of our luxurious rain heads.

You don't have to compromise beauty to have safety. There are over twenty different color and texture options to give you either a traditional or unique look. Comfort is very important to most customers choosing to use one of our enclosures. All of our shelves, soap dishes, and grab bars can be placed in the best position for your comfort and convenience.