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Safety Tubs

Walk-In Tub

Using your bathroom no longer has to be dangerous thanks to our safety tubs. There are many different styles and sizes of safety tubs ensuring you the most custom fit and look. When you select one of our safety tubs, you get over 30 years of experience in the industry. Your bathroom can be a safe place along with having an exquisite look to show off to your friends. A multitude of options are available to customize your bathing experience.

You can choose from a door that swings into the tub or one that swings outward. The in-swing door is perfect for installations in tight spaces. The in-swing door can replace your current bathtub or stand alone in a new space. The outswing door is the ultimate luxury in safety tubs. The door is designed to lift over your toilet allowing installation in tighter spaces than before. Water jets and air jets can be added to massage away the aches and pains of the day. The ultimate in relaxation comes when adding Aroma therapy and Chroma therapy. All safety tubs come with an ADA compliant seat, grab bar, and door lock. Anti-scald technology gives the comfort of maintaining water temperature change even with others using water in your home.

Endless Options to Choose From

Safety Tubs

The Pacific and Superior safety tubs are the most commonly used in the residential industry. Both tubs have similar widths and lengths that make them an easy fit for most bathrooms. An upright seated position, combined with side mount faucet handles, offer a bathing experience like no other safety tub on the market. The Pacific is the ultimate in safety and is perfect for those looking to prevent a mishap in the bathroom. The specially designed seat allows you to transfer easily from a wheelchair to the comfort of the tub.

The Tahoe safety tub is a perfect fit for the smallest of openings in the bathroom. It can be installed in smaller spaces than all other options and is often used in a new location rather than filling the space where an old bathtub once was. The Tahoe is very comfortable and convenient, though still a little smaller than others. Extension panels can be added for full customization to fit your desired opening.

The Mediterranean and St. Croix safety tubs are perfect for those looking for a very large tub or for those who require assistance into the bath. Both models utilize the outswing door offering our widest opening. With an open door, it is very easy for an assistant to help you in and out of the tub. Whether you are looking for an immediate solution or are planning long into the future these tubs are an excellent choice for both safety and comfort.